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Via Falcone e Borsellino 3, Cefalù - sicily - italy



Cefalu and its surroundings offer an incredible variety of beaches to suit all tastes , from sandy to rocky beaches , lively and populated or solitary and wild . Starting from the eastern side , a few kilometers from the beach of Cefalu Valtur Finale di Pollina , with pebbles and a view of the coast line to the Rock of Cefalù , the coast of S. Ambrose , also stony , Quietly and crystal clear sea . Continuing , at the foot of a picturesque ancient watchtower , the enchanting bay of Caldura , stony beach with scoogliosi seabed rich in fish and marine species. For those who prefer the sandy beaches , the inner part of you is the small , picturesque beach of Marina, the small town's marina . Characterized by the cool refreshing water source Presidiana offers safe area with views of the waterfront and on the promontory of S. Lucia features between small boats beached on the sand. For those who prefer a lively waterfront , just off the sandy waterfront with 2 km of beach , between free and equipped with shallow water suitable for children at the beginning and some rocks at the bottom. Leaving the town, about 4 km from the center, the beaches of neighboring Figurella , Mazzaforno , Settle and Head Playa, with sand and fine gravel , offer tranquility and contact with nature. In particular, the beach Settle (seven brothers ) is so named because of the presence of seven reefs in the sea.