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Self Guided Day Walks

It would be a pleasure to share information and itineraries of the many places that we usually walk in Sicily.
The day self-guided walks can be purchased and the money will go towards helping the village of Sant’Ambrogio.

Madonie Mountains to Coast

This tour is based and run on the responsible tourism policy where we try to help the local economy by staying and eating in small family run establishments and using local transport arrangements.

Travel Writing

Learn the craft of travel writing with a professional travel writer. Study and write in the secluded surroundings of a traditional Sicilian village, situated near the popular fishing town of Cefalù

Self Guided Walk from centre of Sicily to the coast

Walk from the centre of Sicily across the Madonie Mountains along Roman road which once trade route. Along the way you will meet warm and welcoming the Sicilian hospitality.

Shepherd - traditional cheese making

Throughout Sicily there's still the tradition of cheese making. The shepherds make cheese with milk from the sheep, goat or cow depends on the area.

Olive picking - Sicilian oil

Sicily is 3rd largest among Italian olive oil producing regions. Olives were first brought to Sicily between C.8 and C.5 B.C by the Greeks, they used the wealth created by the trade in oil and wine to build Siracusa.